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A beautifully relaxing treatment focusing on reducing tension in the face. Using acupressure, lymphatic drainage and massage techniques to naturally boost and lift the skin for a more youthful and healthy look. This treatment starts with a neck and shoulder massage, facial massage and ends with a scalp massage.  

60 mins £40 


A gentle massage with clothes on which will increase the flow of lymphatic fluid. Starting on the face and working down the body, this a simple and very effective way to support your bodies health. If there has been any damage to the lymphatic system this treatment will stimulate flow, it can also be used to aid weight loss and detoxing. This treatment also includes a scalp and foot massage. Helpful for anyone but especially those with lymphedema or with a more sedentary lifestyle. 

60 mins £40


Full body massage to focus on exactly what you need. Using a variety of techniques to work the whole body using a natural vegan wax. Similar to swedish massage this treatment is very adaptive - 90 mins may be advisable if there are problem areas.  

Total chill: Gentle movements with gliding strokes

Workout:  Using sports massage techniques and trigger point release to stretch your body and work more deeply into the muscles. 

60 mins £40  /  90 mins £60 


Slow and gentle movements to relax your body and mind. Combining essential oils and their therapeutic properties to support aliments of the body and mind, a complete sensory experience. Essential oils will be mixed with organic grapeseed carrier oil. 

Bespoke blends may be available on request. 

Relax: Petitgrain / Lavender / Frankincense

Uplifting, calming aromas that will sedate the nervous system

Rejuvenate: Lemongrass / Black pepper / Pine Fresh, stimulating oils that will increase circulation 

Restore: Peppermint / Rosemary / Cedarwood atlas 

These anti inflammatory oils will calm tired muscles. Warming, heavy scents. 

60 mins £40  /  90 mins £60 


A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment working solely on the foot reflexes. These reflexes correspond to organs and glands in the body, massaging these points can bring energy and balance to the body promoting its own healing. Working up to the knees this re engerizing treatment will leave you feeling renewed. Using hands, thumbs and a massage stick these points will be worked with organic reflexology wax. 

60 mins £40 / 90 mins £60 



Lye on your back and enjoy a shoulder and neck massage before a decedent facial combining lymphatic drainage and acupressure and massage techniques. These will reduce puffiness and stimulate blood flow and reduce tension. This ifs finished with a scalp massage before enjoying a reflexology treatment to support you from the inside out. 

90 mins £60


Full body lymphatic drainage massage followed by a reflexology treatment. Let your mind drift off whilst receiving support for your whole body

90 mins £60



This package consists of 4 treatments which will be tailored to you and what you need. Following a 30 minuet consultation we will work out what areas need attention at that time. General aches, insomnia, hot flushes, anxiety (the list goes on)  The package includes:
Therapeutic massage to work the physical body of aches and pains.
An aromatherapy massage to relax the mind using essential oils to balance and calm. 
Reflexology to support you from the inside out with focus given to gland functioning to aid hormone levels. 
Facial massage to brighten the complexion and leave you looking fabulous.

6 MONTH MOT        £220

Buy a block of 6 and receive £20 off. Keep yourself in good health and enjoy a monthly treatment of your choice for 6 months. Please note each treatment is for 60 minutes.


This service is for under 18's to aid relaxation and calm. Many younger people are facing increasing stressors and a holistic calming approach to managing this is a positive support mechanism.  

All on the back

Working just the back of the body, feet, legs & back


Treatment on the soles of the feet working up to the knees

The young person will need to be able to give verbal permission (unless they are unable to and permission can be given by parent/guardian/carer )  And the parent/guardian/carer must remain tin the treatment room throughout the treatment.

40 mins £30 

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